Remembering Tim

Thank you for the Memories Tim.

You will always be in our hearts and Minds

Love you always.

Bill McCann

His positive attitude

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Megan Baker

The cake fight at our house after Dan & Jenny Adams' wedding

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Joe Silvestri

"Y'all I want you to meet Tim." That's what Jenny said when me and my wife Jen came to Greenville for a random weekend. Tim was a genuine dude. He said "What's going on man?" and that was it, we were friends. We only hung out when our wives were together but every time we got up, it was a good time. I've never met someone else like Tim. He was always asking how I was doing. When I graduated from USC, I was a Sport and Entertainment management major, an older dude who didn't know what the hell I was going to do. On my wedding day, Tim and Jenny were there. A few days later my mom asked me who was the boy with the mohawk. I said "That was my buddy Tim." She told me how ...

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Martha Judd

We watched Tim grow up, starting in the church nursery! His family , Jenny and her family , are very special to us!

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Justin Blackburn

My first memory of Tim was in sixth grade playing baseball at Northwood.  Tim's team was beating my team by a number of runs and I got an inconsequential base hit late in the game.  I stood on first next to Tim.  I never met him but had heard about him through other people how cool he was and what a great baseball player.  Since I was a scared, dumb kid I remember standing next to him and being intimated.  He was one of the cool kids and I always felt like an outcast loser.  He looked over at me and said, "Why did you get a hit?  I want this game to be over so I can go watch the girls play softball."  Then he smiled bright and I laughed loud, feeling really good inside like I belonged which is a fantastic, revitalizing feeling to feel and be able ...

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Randall Bentley

What an absolute great guy to know and work with.

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Kathryn Hilton

How he talked to everyone he met as if he knew them forever!

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Laura Hodges

Seeing his smiling face at the dinner

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Rubi Jorgenson

Playing with him at Glassy's Flamingo Flirt ...What a golfer!! Meeting him made a huge impact on me.. I am forever grateful to have known him

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