Remembering Tim

Thank you for the Memories Tim.

You will always be in our hearts and Minds

Love you always.

Henry McGee

Tim caught the garter at our wedding reception.

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Julie Martin

Many wonderful memories, but an especially fun time was when Tim and I tended bar together at Soby's for a fundraising event! He was his usually joking self and kept the drink orders straight for me! Will always cherish that night.

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Jim Bishop

Tim and I had a blast when he worked with us at the G-Braves. We worked hard and sweated all summer long, but we kept each other in stitches laughing each and every day. He was an amazing guy from a great family. Jenny, I know that you have to be very special for Tim to have thought the world of you as he did. I can honestly say this, we moved this team from Greenville to Mississippi 11 years ago—and outside of my immediate family—nobody was as concerned about me having to move and leave SC more than Tim. He worked and worked to try and get me to stay and go to work with someone in Greenville. I will never forget him and how much he cared for that—never. Meant the world to me. He knew deep down how much ...

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Joe Silvestri

"Y'all I want you to meet Tim." That's what Jenny said when me and my wife Jen came to Greenville for a random weekend. Tim was a genuine dude. He said "What's going on man?" and that was it, we were friends. We only hung out when our wives were together but every time we got up, it was a good time. I've never met someone else like Tim. He was always asking how I was doing. When I graduated from USC, I was a Sport and Entertainment management major, an older dude who didn't know what the hell I was going to do. On my wedding day, Tim and Jenny were there. A few days later my mom asked me who was the boy with the mohawk. I said "That was my buddy Tim." She told me how ...

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Randall Bentley

What an absolute great guy to know and work with.

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Hayley Mattox

Jenny always picks on her loved ones, so Tim got a lot of it! And he could take it and give it right back!

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Suzy Dover

Screamo music

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Lindsey Motley

Tim and I shared a connection that not many others could - we both have colon cancer. Tim was always an encouragement to me. He always seemed to have a smile on his face, despite the fact that he was sitting in a chemo chair, wearing the dreaded chemo pump, or going through the monotonous routines that we're forced to endure though it all. I'm not sure Tim ever knew the impact he had on my outlook and strength, but he sure did always know how to lift my spirits and give me a sense of "I'm not in this alone" attitude. I remember specifically my first chemo treatment - I was sitting in a chair opposite Tim, facing him and his mom, Rickia. I was in tears with anxiousness and nervousness, but soon after my infusion was underway, I met Tim. We had a short ...

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Patrick Hogan

Our group's tradition of celebrating New Years and watching football all day.

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