Remembering Tim

Thank you for the Memories Tim.

You will always be in our hearts and Minds

Love you always.


Tim was one of my favorite people. In high school he was friends with everyone from every group. He bounced between the cliched high school groups like the preppy kids, cynical potheads, nerds and the athletic bunch like it was no big deal, and it wasn't for him because he was simply nice to everybody and found some way to relate to everyone. I swear I never heard him say a bad thing about a single person (which in High School is pretty rare). I remember when I found out he had cancer at Ben Thwaite's funeral my face must have dropped because he started laughing and saying "Gen!! I'm fine!!" I guess I looked like I was about to cry. Which I was. He took time to talk to me not long after that and explain all the gritty details, and what the blood counts meant and all. I really ...

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John Topel

His wonderful family and all they have meant to me

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Brandon Calhoun

Helping he & Jenny buy their first home.

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Hayley Mattox

Jenny always picks on her loved ones, so Tim got a lot of it! And he could take it and give it right back!

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Marty Bentley

His beautiful smile & upbeat personality!

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Justin Blackburn

My first memory of Tim was in sixth grade playing baseball at Northwood.  Tim's team was beating my team by a number of runs and I got an inconsequential base hit late in the game.  I stood on first next to Tim.  I never met him but had heard about him through other people how cool he was and what a great baseball player.  Since I was a scared, dumb kid I remember standing next to him and being intimated.  He was one of the cool kids and I always felt like an outcast loser.  He looked over at me and said, "Why did you get a hit?  I want this game to be over so I can go watch the girls play softball."  Then he smiled bright and I laughed loud, feeling really good inside like I belonged which is a fantastic, revitalizing feeling to feel and be able ...

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Duff Wagner

Playing golf with Tim, Steven and Bill Haas

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Lindsey Motley

Tim and I shared a connection that not many others could - we both have colon cancer. Tim was always an encouragement to me. He always seemed to have a smile on his face, despite the fact that he was sitting in a chemo chair, wearing the dreaded chemo pump, or going through the monotonous routines that we're forced to endure though it all. I'm not sure Tim ever knew the impact he had on my outlook and strength, but he sure did always know how to lift my spirits and give me a sense of "I'm not in this alone" attitude. I remember specifically my first chemo treatment - I was sitting in a chair opposite Tim, facing him and his mom, Rickia. I was in tears with anxiousness and nervousness, but soon after my infusion was underway, I met Tim. We had a short ...

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Megan Baker

The cake fight at our house after Dan & Jenny Adams' wedding

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Patrick Hogan

Our group's tradition of celebrating New Years and watching football all day.

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