Remembering Tim

Thank you for the Memories Tim.

You will always be in our hearts and Minds

Love you always.

Guy Chapman

I was a freshman at Riverside and just started playing on the baseball team. Tim was a junior and was a great ball player and a big deal in my mind! He invited me to a party one weekend, picked me up and brought me to the party with all upperclassmen.

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Elaine Maxwell

Silverleaf Pool/Indian Guides/Birthday Parties/Brushy Creek Elem/ Ballgames/Ice&Roller Skate/Sleepovers/ETC

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Jason Palmer

Tim was always up for being with friends and you always knew you would be laughing when he was with you

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Becky Beacham

Chandler and I met Tim at the Cancer Center. Tim continued to amaze us both with his positive attitude, radiant and contagious smile, love for life and Jenny, and his will to never give up.

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Allison Winkler

I only had the chance to meet Tim a couple times, but in those few meetings, I saw what a great guy Tim was and from everything I've heard & read he was DEF a top-notch guy and loved by so many!!!

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Farrar Pittman

I remember Tim in elementary school giving gifts to his sweetheart on every holiday. Though we were only 7 or 8 at the time, Tim would have a valentine, a birthday, and Christmas gift for his 2nd grade 'girl friend.' He was such a chivalrous lover, even at such a young age.

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Suzy Dover

Screamo music

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Rubi Jorgenson

Playing with him at Glassy's Flamingo Flirt ...What a golfer!! Meeting him made a huge impact on me.. I am forever grateful to have known him

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Jim Kaltenbach

Snobby Taco's, his kindess, Watching inappropiate jokes on his ipad in the middle of treatment, His Speech at Cliff's Glassy & him calling me in the car 4 times on the way home to tell me that the "buzz/lift" he had felt like Baseball

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Martha Judd

We watched Tim grow up, starting in the church nursery! His family , Jenny and her family , are very special to us!

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